The Vegan Lifestyle Benefits That Will Change Your Life and This Planet

Being a vegan isn’t just about following a plant-based diet; being vegan is a lifestyle where you choose cruelty-free products for every aspect of your life. Now, for most of us, veganism certainly started with a vegan diet. Your body is your temple and you want to feed it healthy ingredients that help you look and feel your best without taking away from the living creatures on this planet. But as you trek along this beautiful, cruelty-free journey, you will likely find yourself adapting to a new lifestyle that involves much more than just a plant-based diet. You’ll be called to use cruelty-free cosmetics and vegan fashion and here’s why.

Top Vegan Lifestyle Benefits 


Force a Reduction in Animal Testing

One of the beautiful things about choosing to follow a vegan lifestyle is that it gives you control over things that you don’t have much control over otherwise. Animal testing is one of those things. While you can’t directly force an establishment to close or to stop testing on animals, you can reduce their need for testing by choosing cruelty-free vegan products instead. This takes resources away from companies who test on animals, which hopefully reduces their testing and ultimately, the number of animals they test on. However, what you choose to buy creates a forecast demand and ultimately tells the industry leaders what you want. Consumers can create a change in demand, when more consumers demand to put an end to animal testing and use their purchasing power for good, this forces companies to shift their focus towards creating and adhering to cruelty-free and animal-free products. 

cruelty-free vegan beauty


Receive The Vegan Beauty Benefits

Using vegan beauty products doesn’t only make you feel good – they make you look good too. Vegan products use plant-based ingredients and animal-friendly processes. This often results in nutrient-rich ingredients being used instead of the junk, chemicals, hormones, animal products and toxins commonly used within the beauty industry. As a result, you get better benefits without the harmful ingredients that can be found in pretty much every non-vegan beauty product. This results in healthier, clearer, and more youthful skin.

 cruelty-free vegan anti-aging serum skincare by NIU BODYrose toning cruelty-free vegan skincare by NIU BODY

Get a Mood Boost

Studies show that small, random acts of kindness, whether it's consciously choosing vegan fashion and cosmetics or volunteering at a rescue center, releases dopamine, a chemical in the brain that gives you a feeling of euphoria. Random acts of kindness also boost serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and decrease anxiety. And what better a random act of kindness than one that saves animals' lives?


Save Animals' Lives

One of the most obvious (and greatest) benefits of following a vegan lifestyle by eating plant-based, wearing vegan fashion, and using vegan products is being able to save animals’ lives. By boycotting non-vegan products, you are reducing the demand for things such as leather and wool. The less demand there is for these products, the less supply and ultimately, the fewer animal lives being taken.

Some awesome vegan fashion alternatives include hemp, linen, bamboo, seaweed, cork, organic cotton, leather made from recycled plastic bottles and the even more amazing fruit leather made from apples. 

Labante London Black Vegan Leather Tote Bag made from recycled plastic bottles


Become More Sustainable

Sustainability is almost always built right into vegan fashion. Pardon the pun. Many vegan fashion brands prioritize sustainability, making vegan clothing out of “leftovers” from other products. For example, some companies use leftover pineapple leave fibers to create vegan fashion and some even use recycled plastic to create the most stunning clothing you’ve ever seen.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With all of that said, following a vegan lifestyle by wearing vegan fashion, using vegan products and eating plant-based reduces your carbon footprint. One of the biggest generators of greenhouse houses is animal agriculture and by avoiding items from this industry, you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly. 



That’s only to name a few of the top vegan lifestyle benefits you get when you choose to walk the animal cruelty path. So, let’s not waste any time putting these changes into action. Vogue x Virtue has beautiful, cruelty-free vegan fashion and products that will take your wardrobe (and life) to the next level of veganism.

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