Q: Will you be adding more products or brands to your collections?

A: YES. Since we are just starting out on our venture, we are currently working diligently to expand and build partnerships with a variety of vegan brands in the market today.  For more information regarding product updates join our mailing list for up to date details, upcoming promotions and informative weekly blog entries. 


Is there a vegan brand that you love and would like to see on the website? We would love to hear your feedback.  Send us a message on our contact page or email


We are always wishing to expand our network bringing beautifully crafted, vegan luxury goods to our website. Are you a 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand and think you would be a good fit for Vogue x Virtue? 

Please email and tell us a bit about yourself. We would love to hear from you.  


Q: What materials are used in vegan fashion ?

A: Vegan fashion has changed throughout the years with new innovated materials being produced all around the world. 

Vegan fashion alternatives to leather are now made from eco-friendly and recycled materials such as pineapple, kombucha, apple, cork, recycled rubber, slate stone, mushrooms and even grapes! 

Other vegan fashion alternatives: PU synthetic leather, rPET(recycled polyester), faux fur, polyester, eco-friendly vegan microfiber, eco-friendly microsuede, recycled tires and more.  For more information on vegan friendly materials check out our  Materials & Ethics page. 

Q: Why do you partner with only 100% vegan brands?

A: Part of our core values are caring for all living beings and living a vegan + cruelty-free lifestyle.  We take all animals and animal ingredients out of the mix and believe in providing transparency and compassionate behaviour all across the board.  Sometimes labeling and certifications can be confusing. By providing only 100% vegan brands, this takes confusion and time spent researching out of the mix and provides customers with trusted confidence when shopping. 


Q: Tell me more about your donations towards organizations

A:  We believe in giving back and showing kindness wherever you go. With that said, every customer purchase makes a difference. 3% of each sale will be donated to one of the seven organizations of the customer's choice.

Q: How do you track your donations?

A: Transparency is important to us.  We are able to track where every donation goes.  After customers make their purchases, a notification appears showing them how much of their sale went towards their selected organization and how they made a difference.  We also have an internal dashboard that tracks every donation amount collected and to what organization it was donated towards by using the Give and Grow app from Pledgeling.  

Q: How do you donate the funds and how often?

A: Funds will be tracked using the Give and Grow app provided from Pledgeling. Pledgeling tracks the donation amounts and donates to the organization when either $50 in donations is accrued or 30 days has passed, whichever happens first. Donations to nonprofits are disbursed within the first 15 days of the following month. 

For more information, please read the Pledgeling Foundation support site (link) which has answers to many questions about how funds flow to nonprofit charitable organizations.



Q: Why do some items not ship outside certain countries?

A: Unfortunately some items are not eligible to ship to certain destinations due to import/export regulations. 

Q: Will you be shipping to more destinations across the globe?

A: We are currently working to expand our shipping methods. We aim to provide worldwide shipping in the near future.  Stay tuned!