Curious about our animal-free fashion alternatives?

We are committed first and foremost to providing the best quality, 100% vegan and cruelty-free products from trusted vegan brands around the globe. We work with brands that source quality materials made from either recycled materials, eco-friendly materials or natural plant-based materials.  


PU Leather (Polyurethane) - a synthetic, plastic based composite material that is made of one or more layers of PU with a textile backing that is usually made from cotton canvas. This material is waterproof and lightweight and it's soft, supple textures gives the material the look and feel of traditional genuine leather—without the cruelty. Through recent innovations in textile production and through the conscious creation of vegetable-based PU adhesive or bio-based PU adhesive—a material made with a by-product of plant oils instead of petroleum oils —this improves the textile's biodegradability which creates a more eco-friendly PU leather.  

Microfiber Leather - a high quality, luxurious, non-toxic, breathable and naturally water-resistant vegan leather material that is made to mimic the look and feeling of real leather. It's durable, easy to clean and does not stain or spoil like traditional leather. Microfiber is the result of innovative technology and advanced manufacturing process which combines microfibers and PU to create a more durable leather alternative—creating a material that is approximately 30% less harmful to the environment than animal leathers. 

rPET Polyester- a creative solution for plastic bottles that would normally be discarded into landfill or the ocean, bottles can be obtained and re-spun into a new polyester fibres — a process which requires 59% less energy than virgin polyester. Creating fibres from plastic bottles now has the ability to decrease resource production and offset the amount of new PET being produced. Although this is not a perfect sustainable solution, it can be a start to finding a new life for one-time use plastics that are currently polluting our planet. 

Recycled Airbag - a synthetic polymer material made from recycled nylon. Nae Vegan Shoes is the first to use recycled airbags as a material for their shoes, giving a new life for a post-industrial material that would normally be discarded as waste.  Airbag material is a high performance, high density woven fabric that is lightweight, durable,waterproof with a beautiful, smooth aesthetic to it.


Plant-based Materials:

Linen - Oeko-Tex Certified linen means this fabric has been tested and is free of 100 harmful chemicals and substances. Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant — this process uses all of the plant so nothing goes to waste. The production to make linen uses 5-20x less water than cotton and other synthetic fabrics. Linen is naturally toxin free, compostable, biodegradable, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. A material that is built to last and is the perfect breathable fabric for warm weather. 

Pineapple Leather - a natural and sustainable material made from pineapple leaves wastes. This helps pineapple farmers find a sustainable and waste free alternative to the leaves that normally would be discarded, while providing them with an extra source of income. Pineapple leather is waterproof, anti-allergy and breathable material. 

Cotton - a breathable, natural cellulosic fiber made from the cotton boll that is a soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and durable fabric. 

Organic Cotton - a natural fiber which is renewable and biodegradable and is grown without harmful pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. In the growing of organic cotton it doesn't damage the soil and uses less water and energy as it primarily uses rain water instead of irrigated freshwater. 

Cork - a water-resistant, anti-allergy, renewable and completely recyclable material made from cork oak trees that is a durable and lightweight alternative to leather.  Cork is stripped from the tree without actually damaging or cutting down the tree and is beneficial to the health of the tree as well as the environment—this is due to the fact that cork is able to absorb higher levels of carbon dioxide after the cork bark is harvested. 

Coming Soon.....

Apple Leather - one of the latest innovations for vegan leather alternatives in the market today.  Apple leather is an amazing material created from the leftovers of harvested apples. This impeccably smooth, leather-like material is non-toxic, biodegradable, exceptionally durable, highly breathable and hypoallergenic. 

Materials we prohibit:

PVC - we do not carry products that contain PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) as there are a number of harmful and negative impacts towards the environment and the people exposed to the use and production of this material. PVC creates highly toxic pollution and is very difficult to recycle— therefore we believe it's important to not carry any products with this material. 

Animal ingredients - as we are a vegan friendly boutique we do not carry any products that contain animal fibres or any animal derived ingredients such as wool, cashmere, fur, leather or suede, silk or animal based glue. 


What ethical manufacturing mean to us.

Ethical manufacturing is important to us because we believe in a future that is cruelty-free, not only for the animals and the planet, but for the people behind every brand who are making the products we provide. As such, we partner with brands that ensure their garment workers are protected and meet our standards:

  • Paid fair wages
  • Appropriate working hours & time off
  • Work in safe and healthy working conditions/environments
  • Responsible business practices and environmentally safe materials used to ensure the safety of the workers and environment.